ShopTalk is a public humanities program I helped develop through the Wisconsin Humanities Council and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for the Humanities during academic year 2014-2015 as a part of the broader Working Lives Project and UW Center for the Humanities. ShopTalk is free to host organizations; speakers from a variety of backgrounds tour the state of Wisconsin sharing personal stories and exploring work issues with a variety of audiences, and in a variety of venues.


The two ShopTalk presentations I am giving at the moment include “Abraham Lincoln and the Rise of Free Labor in Wisconsin,” (drawn from my dissertation research) and “The Commute,” which expands on topics drawn from my co-authored book on early bicycling, Wheel Fever. Here are a few of the resources I am sharing with audiences as these conversations take shape. Please check back often. This page will expand as audiences make recommendations and the conversation evolves.

Abraham Lincoln and the Rise of Free Labor in Wisconsin
Syllabus_Abraham Lincoln and the Rise of Free Labor in Wisconsin
James Henry Hammond [Excerpt], Speech to the Senate, 1858
Abraham Lincoln [Excerpt], Speech at Milwaukee, 1859

The Commute
Syllabus_The Commute
Nick Paumgarten, “There and Back Again: The Soul of the Commuter,The New Yorker, April 16, 2007.
AASHTO, “Commuting in America, 2013