Here are some of my common teaching subject areas:

Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction
The American Revolution and Early Republic
The American West and North American Borderlands
Race, Science, and Medicine in United States History
The United States Since 1877
Speech Composition

Additional Work

I also lead regular lecture-style evening classes on a variety of subjects through the University of Wisconsin Department of Continuing Studies. I am also developing two UW-affiliated online courses: History 393: Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction; and, History 227: The History of Race and Ethnicity.

Continuing Studies
For a sample of syllabi from my Continuing Studies courses, please click here.

UW Writing Lab Materials
These one-sheet handouts are used by the the University of Wisconsin’s History Department Writing Lab. They were active when I tutored students there during spring semester 2016. I offer them in the spirit of helping anyone looking for tips on writing their college history papers or exams.

Book Review
Research Proposals
Topic Sentences
Quoting and Paraphrasing
Citing Sources
Passive Voice