An unidentified Union soldier and his family. Library of Congress.

Via Mail, Please Note: Please notify me beforehand if you plan to send anything by mail; I can provide you with a more reliable mailing address.

The absolute best way to reach me is via email or social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. I try to check this e-mail address as often as possible, but please be patient as it sometimes does take me a while to reply. You can also search for my University of Wisconsin email account through the Department’s Graduate Student page, as it is the address I check most regularly. Thanks!

Students: Please refer to the course syllabus regarding policies on how (and when) to best contact me.

Jesse Gant
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of History
4266 Mosse Humanities Building
Madison, WI 53703
jesse [at] jessegant [dot] net [Please be patient]

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